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Highest Quality Candidates - Expedited Hiring



Fill the gap in your employment needs with flexible work schedules. Short-term employment can greatly assist a company’s busiest season, reduce your payroll, and save overall time and money.


Get a feeling for your candidate's personality and work habits before hiring them. A trial period can be beneficial when considering whether or not the employee is right for a permanent role.

Direct Hire

When adding permanent associate to your roster, it is imperative your recruitment agency finds the perfect placement. We will find an employee that has all of the attributes that the position requires.

Who We Are

Ixela Solutions is a full-service staffing firm that matches organizations looking for synergistic collaborations with highly skilled employees. It is always our pleasure to evaluate each applicant's professional background, aptitudes, and personality in order to choose the very finest talent for each job. Ixela Solutions helps businesses increase productivity by letting our clients concentrate on managing the other aspects of their company. We wish to establish a long-lasting relationship with you based on honesty, reliability, and providing benefits to your business.

Our Industries

Meet our employment agency professionals and let them know how they can be of service to you. Whether it is a job you’re looking for, or additional employees, our experienced team of highly qualified specialists will help you in all of your employment needs.

Ixela Advantages

Time is of the essence when it comes to staffing and recruiting. You need to fill positions now. We know that time-to-fill and cost-to-hire can both add up quickly, so we’ve developed a screening and selection process to identify top candidates and a set of best practices that help us hire the right person faster than others can.

Ixela Empowerment Program

Companies have the ability to promote strategies that successfully integrate diverse, talented, and hardworking individuals into the workforce and can cultivate broadly welcoming environments.


Introducing Ixela Solutions

Ixela Solutions is a full-service Employment Agency with a unique approach. We’ve been helping countless individuals living in the Utah area find jobs best suited for their interests, while helping businesses locate perfect employees.

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